Eating Clean Doesn’t NEED to be boring!

Eating Clean Doesn’t NEED to be boring

        I remember when I first started my fitness journey, I wasn’t exactly seeing the results I wanted and I couldn’t figure out why? I was running all of the time and eventually started weight training. I saw little changes which were nice but I wanted more. When I asked trainers at the gym why I wasn’t seeing what I wanted they would ask the same question: “What are you eating?” I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Abs are formed in the kitchen”, and it really is true! I’ve changed the way I eat and have seen a drastic increase in the amount of results. So, fast forward to where I am now in my fitness journey and the goals I have set for myself for the future and this is what I hear from most people: “I wish I could do what you do but I love food way too much.”

    People have this idea in their minds that in order to get the results they want or the results they see in others, they have to A: Starve themselves, or B: Eat boring, bland food. I cannot say this enough…THIS IS SO NOT TRUE!! Let me start off by saying this: I eat all of the time!! I am far from starving myself. I have even been told that I am a “professional eater” because every time you see me I will most likely have some sort of food product in my hand. It is not about starving yourself; it is about keeping your metabolism moving and making the right choices for food! You don’t have to have boring, bland food in your hand to see the results you are looking for! Do you need to eat healthy? Of course! But trust me, the food I eat is not boring.

    I hear many reasons as to why people can’t eat healthy. “I love food too much.” “I don’t have the time to meal prep.” “I have a sweet tooth.” “I don’t know what to cook and fast food is so much easier.” When I decided to pick the fitness goal to compete in a bodybuilding competition, I was terrified because I felt the same way. I love food, I have no time, and I loooooove chocolate! (Really, I love anything sweet!) When I first started this process I will admit that the food was boring! I hated every second of it. I was eating fish and rice, fish and rice, and more fish and rice! It was terrible! (Unless you love fish and rice!) But then I met a few people at the gym who taught me that I don’t need to eat boring to eat clean. Spices are everything. Getting creative is everything! There are so many avenues out there for you to find fun, creative, and yummy recipes! I started switching up what I was eating, using spices and now… I love what I eat! And I continue to see progress in my body!

So the other problem: my sweet tooth. I loved the food I ate but found I was craving sweets! This can be quite miserable for someone who went from being completely okay with polishing off the brownie pan to now not being able to have any sweets without messing up progress and meals. I started to resent my food because I couldn’t have anything sweet. Fast forward and along came Deb and Marc San Fillipo who introduced me to one of the best creations I have ever come across: Clean Cheats Fitness Foods. Talk about DELICIOUS!! Peanut butter balls, cheese cakes, and lava cakes… And I can eat them, enjoy them, feel like I’m cheating on my meal plan, while still staying healthy!!

Deb was in the same shoes I was; had been on her fitness journey for years, progressing each year but not happy with her total progress. So a year ago she decided to enter and prepare for a fitness show… (Sound familiar?) She decided she wanted to transform through dedication and great effort and this motivated her whole family. However, with hitting the gym, and increasing their training in a number of levels, also came eating healthier which then brought on sacrifices. The sugar cravings began! So Deb started tweaking recipes, swapping out ingredients, and adding wholesome and protein based items into traditional items. Clean Cheats was born! There is nothing worse than someone on a strict diet, being carb/sugar deprived… (not human to say the least!) So Deb and Marc created these “cheats” with healthy ingredients, protein packed, and beneficial to the body! Marc says “it has been a savior for us to continue eating clean, staying true to our goals, and our healthy lifestyle.” I can account for this! I absolutely love their product and it has saved me many of times from becoming “hangry” (When you’re so hungry you become angry) I swap out all of the unhealthy treats for these clean cheats and couldn’t be happier! I love every bite and am satisfied upon completion! Deb says that the clean cheats have helped her in her journey or path to continuing to eat clean and in the process she has been able to help others do the same! So there you have it! Sweet tooth problem taken care of!!

        “I don’t have the time.” I hear this, a lot! I used to say this, as well! (Cue the life changing experience) Along came Jason DeLeo. Also a member at Gold’s Gym, Jason studied at the Culinary Institute of America. He owns his own catering business called “Food By DeLeo”. Along with catering, he MEAL PREPS FOR YOU! And let me say this: His food is absolutely delicious! Not only is it amazing, but it’s FILLING! Perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked, and perfectly proportioned! I was preparing to go on vacation a month ago and had absolutely no idea how I was going to find the TIME to meal prep for my vacation and I didn’t want to lose my progress. So, I asked Jason to prep for me. He not only cooked it, and packaged it, but also delivered it! His food was also all FRESH, which is hard to come by! On a week when I am crazy busy I will ask Jason to prep for me not only because it’s easy, but because it’s so good! Deb from Clean Cheats says “Jason DeLeo’s prepped meals can help anyone lose weight or gain if need be. They also taste wonderful which can really help a dieter stay on track!” I have referred his services to many members who say the same thing! To me, time is money. Taking the time to meal prep is time away from something else I could be doing to help my growth as a person. Not only that but grocery shopping is a hassle. Half the time I go to the store hungry and buy way too much food and wanting things I can’t have! Food by DeLeo is a way for me to avoid spending more money than I should have and buying things I shouldn’t be eating! So the time issue? Solved!

    I love food. I love sweets. And I have little time. Finding fun recipes for myself, eating Clean Cheats Fitness Foods, and when I’m low on time having Food by DeLeo provide my meals, has helped me stay on track for my goals and I continue to see more and more results every single day! You don’t need to be miserable during the process of achieving your goals! If you don’t believe me, come try out some of these products right at Gold’s Gym in Webster! And as Clean Cheats Fitness Foods philosophy goes: “Eat Happy - Be Human”


Samantha Sprague