The Problem with New Year’s Resolutions and how you can be successful with yours!

   Having been in the fitness industry for well over 4 years now I see the same thing every year; January hits and the gym gets crazy! Everyone is rushing in to get signed up so they can begin their journey to being fit, and living a healthier and happier life style. According to a study held by GoBankingRates on 5,000 people in 2016 when asked the top 3 resolutions made in January were, 1: Enjoy life to the fullest, 2: LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE, and 3: LOSE WEIGHT. So, it makes sense that the gym would get much busier come January. Unfortunately, although the trend may be that it picks up in January, it also slows down drastically a few months later. 45% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions each year and only 8% of those succeed with those goals! 38% of those resolutions are weight or fitness related. (Statistic Brain- New Year’s Resolution Statistics)  Why is this? What is the problem and why do most people fail at their resolutions each year? 

    I have found that when asking people what their goals are for fitness they have very vague answers. “I want to lose weight. I want to be more toned. I want to be healthier.” All of these are fantastic goals to have, however, being this vague can be a reason as to why you can’t or have failed at reaching that goal. How much weight do you want to lose? What does tone look like to you? What is healthier? Do you want to lose 5lbs? Do you want to get back down to a specific weight? Do you want to fit back in the pair of jeans from last year or two years ago? Would you like to see the definition in your arms again? Maybe you’d like to work on your legs more. Maybe it’s getting off of your medication for high blood pressure. Or maybe you take medication for high cholesterol. What is healthy? 

    Allen Kryger, our Personal Training Director here at Gold’s had this advice when asked how to be successful with these goals: “When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions and Fitness the most important thing to remember is making your resolution as SPECIFIC as possible. Everyone is going to set new goals to go to the gym and lose weight and get stronger but that’s not good enough. Your resolution must be specific; if you want to lose weight you should have a specific number. “I want to lose 20lbs in 2 months”. Now, that is a new year’s resolution! If you want to get stronger: “I want to be able to do 5 pull-ups before my birthday”; you now have a number, something clear and concise to what you want to accomplish. Once you’ve achieved that goal you now have all the tools to keep going. Make more goals and keep them short and specific and you will see the results!” Being as specific as possible gives you something to chase. It would be like telling someone you want a pair of shoes for Christmas but failing to tell them what type of shoe, what color, and what size you’re looking for. It leaves it open for interpretation. Be as specific as you can and then come up with a plan! 

    The next question you want to ask yourself is: Is your goal realistic? One of the top reasons people do not achieve their goals is their goal was unrealistic or too big. “I want to lose 50lbs in a month!” Is this realistic? Probably not! So, what happens? They join a gym in January, they work out 7 days a week for the first few weeks for two hours a day, and they burn themselves out, and guess what? They didn’t lose 50lbs and they quit. Fitness goals and resolutions are challenging in themselves. They require commitment and many times they require TIME. Setting specific and realistic goals is extremely important for success. Do not be afraid to start small. Once you hit that first goal have a second goal in the back of your mind to achieve. It is very easy to become discouraged when you don’t achieve your goal right away; imagine trying to drop 50lbs in one month! However, losing 10 pounds in one month is much more achievable and just think of how much more drive you will have for that second goal once you have hit your first one! Start small! 

    How many people set a goal and then have no idea how to achieve it. Setting a goal is definitely the most important step, however, what about the steps to follow? How are you going to lose 20lbs in 3 months? How are you going to build the strength up to get 5 pull-ups in before your birthday?  It would be like setting the goal to buying a new car but having no plan in place to save the money up for that car. Maybe, you have no idea how to achieve those goals. That would be a good indication that you should ask someone for help. Now, you wouldn’t ask a plumber how to lose weight or gain strength. Unless that plumber just so happened to have a background in personal training. Ask a staff member at your gym who the best person would be to talk to. Our trainers are all educated and equipped with the information and knowledge to help you succeed! To help you set those goals and make them achievable! Not only that but they can help you achieve them, stick with them, and set more! Your plan is key. Yours. Not anyone else’s. It should be specific and personalized for you. 

    Once you have your goal, and your plan, you now need time. Setting time aside to work towards that goal. Valissa, one of our trainers at Gold’s gave this advice: “Setting a goal can be pretty easy. Sticking to that goal is what makes it challenging. I’ve found that no matter how motivated you are to your goal and how much you initially plan for it, there are always unexpected events (good and bad) that occur and seem to throw you off the path of reaching your goal. Being aware of the fact that even the most carefully thought-out goal can still have its interruptions is a great step in helping you stick to it. Planning for inevitable interruptions is not always possible, but making sure to have other options or ways to work towards your goal is helpful. For instance, if your goal is to get to the gym 3 days a week be prepared to plan some flexibility into your week - instead of getting it set in your mind that you will be going on these specific days at this specific time. We make room in our schedules for what we prioritize as important. Even when unexpected challenges come along we can choose to bend with the flexibility to accommodate the new changes instead of choosing to completely break the habit.” You might take something else away from Valissa’s advice. Make the time you set aside realistic! I’ve had so many people say “My goal is to get here 6 days a week!” That’s an amazing goal to have, however, is it realistic? As Valissa mentioned, things will pop up. A last minute event, your car breaks down, you have to work late. Where is the wiggle room if something does come up? As important as it is to set a realistic goal, it is also just as important to set aside realistic time to work towards that goal. 

    There are many problems with New Year’s Resolutions. Unrealistic. Too Big. No Plan. No Time. I could go on and on. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a resolution this year. Just take your time setting your goals. Figure out a plan of action and set aside the time. Tell someone! Telling someone about your goal helps keep you accountable. Write it down. Put it on your calendar. Find a workout buddy. Create a new song playlist for your workouts! I remember the last goal I set for myself I created a playlist of my own and named it “You will compete”. Every time I pulled up my playlist it gave me a sense of drive and motivation. It sounds silly, but whatever works for you do it. Because as difficult as it may be to stick with your New Year’s Resolutions, it is not impossible! For even in the word impossible says I’m Possible.

If you have more questions on keeping realistic fitness goals, just talk to one of our staff members or contact us about personal training at or call us direct at 5853470047.

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Stretching is Key

Lift… Cardio… Core… Repeat. So, what’s missing? Stretch. Foam Roll. I have to admit, I am the worst at taking the time to stretch and foam roll. I warm up, hit the weights hard, work my core, and DONE! I go home. I wake up the next morning and can barely move because I am extremely sore! My muscles are so tight that at times it even affects my ability to lift to the fullest. Some of us have this mindset that we are all done after those three steps; Lifting, getting our cardio in, and hitting our core. But what about recovery? Isn’t that just as important? Taking those extra few minutes at the very end to stretch those muscles? What about fitting a Yoga class or Body Flow class into the equation? Why is it so difficult for us to take the time to recover? We take the time to work these muscles but never to recover them so they can continue to build. It’s the same as sleep. You work hard all day and at the end of the night you go to sleep. To rest your body so you can kick the next day’s butt! Why don’t we see stretching as the same? A way to rest our body, reset, and kick our next workout’s butt!

About a year ago I had x-rays done on my knees. I was convinced I had arthritis in both knees. I would wake up in excruciating pain and couldn’t get back to sleep without taking some sort of pain reliever and heating pad. There were some days I could barely walk and would limp because of the pain; so I made an appointment with my doctor. When the results came back I was shocked. He told me that my quadriceps were extremely tight from not stretching that they were actually pulling on my knee cap causing it to rub and cause the inflammation and pain I was experiencing. Something as simple as not stretching was causing this amount of pain! Pain that would wake me from a dead sleep! I couldn’t believe it! So I started taking a body flow class. I started taking the time to foam roll and stretch. I couldn’t believe the difference. Not only was there no more pain but I was lifting more. I was able to go deeper in my squats! I was more flexible than ever. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are days I slack. However, when I do, I can tell. My knees instantly flare up as a little reminder to me that I need to get back into a yoga class, body flow class, or stretch and foam roll on my own.

Stretching is so essential to our recovery and has so many benefits! Not only does stretching help to keep our muscles and joints healthy but it also elongates our muscles, increases our blood flow, prevents injuries, improves flexibility, helps us recover from our workouts, and let’s be honest here… it FEELS GOOD! Think of stretching as refueling the gas tank, or when you first go to use a rubber band; the rubber band is so tight you need to loosen it up prior to using it. Your muscles need that recovery to function properly, they need to be refueled, and stretched before they’re able to be used properly. Take the time to stretch; even if it’s in front of your TV at night before bed, or in the morning while your eggs cook on the stove. And if you dislike stretching, make it fun and take a Yoga class or Body Flow class. We have them here at Gold’s Gym in Webster throughout all of the week and they’re included in your membership. The best part about these classes is they’re for EVERYONE! Alan, a member of ours says: “I used to take body flow as a way to stretch and relax when I was lifting hard because my body needed it”. Make stretching a part of your day, just as you make brushing your teeth or showering, and I can promise you that you will feel much better, and you will be able to power through so much more with those muscles of yours!

Check out our Class Schedule at to see when we offer our Yoga and BodyFlow classes to help you start stretching!

We really are just one big family…

I remember when I first started out in the fitness industry I thought to myself “Wow, I love working here. It’s like one big family.” I didn’t think I would ever find that kind of atmosphere again. So, when I first started working at Gold’s Gym in Webster I wasn’t expecting to have the same feelings I did with my last place of employment. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

    Family: A unit of people that love and support each other through good times and bad. A group of people, each a unique masterpiece, sharing unconditional love, hugs and support. Family… Gold’s Gym Webster. That is what we are. We love and support one another. We push each other to be the best; and when you’re not your best don’t’ think for one second that it will go unnoticed. We have each other’s backs.

    I started working at Gold’s Gym in a very pivotal moment in my life. I was going through a lot of tough obstacles but was eager to move forward and continue growing not only in my fitness but also in my career. Starting at Gold’s I was completely blown away by not only the staff but also the members! I have met some of the most wonderful, life changing people. I don’t think I could have gotten through some of these obstacles if it had not been for them. Everyone knows everyone. And if they don’t know you they are still there to support you. You need a spot? Someone will be there. You need advice? Someone will be there. Need a workout partner? You got it. Need to talk? We’ve got you. I have never seen a place with such caring, loving people before. I had a member stop up to the front desk yesterday and say; “You were right… This isn’t like any other gym!” and then gave me a high five. And he’s right. You will not find this family atmosphere anywhere else.

    I got a testimony from one of our member’s, Chris Barber and in it he said, “…After committing to signing up for a membership I received a hand written letter from the Gold’s Gym manager, thanking me for signing up and welcoming me into the Gold’s Gym Family; and here at Gold’s we are one big family it seems like. While the short time I’ve been a member, I meet everyone from the owner of the gym down to the managers, the front desk staff, and the cleaning staff; all are very nice people and always greet you when they see you! Plus, the other members of the gym were open to meeting me, and would give me a spot if I needed it or seemed open to answering any questions if I had them. Here at Gold’s there is a very diverse crowd of individuals, so everyone feels at home and welcome… At Gold’s, if I didn’t come train for a week it wouldn’t go unnoticed, that’s how much of a family we are. There are members who I see daily, and quite frankly, it’s weird if that member doesn’t show up for a few days and you begin to wonder, what happened to them. I’ve been completely satisfied with my time at Gold’s and look forward to being a member of the Gold’s Gym community for a life time!”

    Our members and staff know your goals. They remember the crazy story from last weekend. They know what type of shake you get after your workouts. WE KNOW YOUR NAME! We do our best to get to know you to make your gym like your second home that you can feel comfortable in. I remember I was working out on the floor one night and a member of ours, Bryan, came up to me and said, “So I hear you are training for a show. I’ve seen a ton of progress in you and just know we are all cheering you on!” Moments like that remind me of why I love this place so much. Everyone is looking out for everyone. If I need help with form, or a workout, or an exercise I have more than enough people I can go to for help.

    Corey, also a member at Gold’s Gym in Webster says: “I can’t express how fantastic it is to train at Gold’s Gym in Webster. After spending 7 years training in a couple different gyms by myself, I ended up joining Gold’s based on the size and quality of the facility. I didn’t realize at the time that I would end up with a huge support group helping and encouraging me. And not only the staff does so, the atmosphere that the staff has created has infected the members. Everyone is willing to stop and talk or give you a spot when you need it. Because of the support of the members and staff, I have made tremendous leaps and bounds in my fitness journey! The results I have achieved have been uncanny! While training all naturally it can be tough to see results, but the environment that’s been created there has helped me thrive. There are times when I’m tired mid workout and will stop for a second and feed off of the energy in the gym. You can feel it revitalize you and help you push forward. I have to hand it to Todd and his staff for creating the single greatest training environment I’ve ever experienced. It is truly a pleasure to have a membership at Gold’s Gym.”

    It is always a joy for not only me, but for the rest of our staff to see our member’s progress and hear about it! I love when members come up and tell me about their weight loss stories, or the show they’re about to compete in, or the energy they now have just from working out here! We CARE about our members and their fitness journeys. Corey is right when he says he has to hand it off to Todd and his staff for creating this atmosphere, but let me also say this; we owe a lot to our member’s as well. I am overwhelmed everyday with how kind, caring, and loving our members are. I couldn’t ask for a better place to not only work, but to train at. It makes it a joy to come in every single day.

    I joke with not only the staff but the members as well and say “I live here. This is my home.” But this statement is true in more than one way. Yes, I spend a lot of time here! But what also makes it home, is the people. The atmosphere. I get to see my “family” every single day. If I’m having a bad day, they are there to push me to have a better one. And when I am having a good day, they are there to celebrate. They are my family.

    Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs, who accept you for who you are, who push you to be your best, who are there for you when you aren’t your best. They are the ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what. They are there for the good and the bad. Family is Gold’s Gym Webster. We’ve got your back no matter what.

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Eating Clean Doesn’t NEED to be boring!

Eating Clean Doesn’t NEED to be boring

        I remember when I first started my fitness journey, I wasn’t exactly seeing the results I wanted and I couldn’t figure out why? I was running all of the time and eventually started weight training. I saw little changes which were nice but I wanted more. When I asked trainers at the gym why I wasn’t seeing what I wanted they would ask the same question: “What are you eating?” I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Abs are formed in the kitchen”, and it really is true! I’ve changed the way I eat and have seen a drastic increase in the amount of results. So, fast forward to where I am now in my fitness journey and the goals I have set for myself for the future and this is what I hear from most people: “I wish I could do what you do but I love food way too much.”

    People have this idea in their minds that in order to get the results they want or the results they see in others, they have to A: Starve themselves, or B: Eat boring, bland food. I cannot say this enough…THIS IS SO NOT TRUE!! Let me start off by saying this: I eat all of the time!! I am far from starving myself. I have even been told that I am a “professional eater” because every time you see me I will most likely have some sort of food product in my hand. It is not about starving yourself; it is about keeping your metabolism moving and making the right choices for food! You don’t have to have boring, bland food in your hand to see the results you are looking for! Do you need to eat healthy? Of course! But trust me, the food I eat is not boring.

    I hear many reasons as to why people can’t eat healthy. “I love food too much.” “I don’t have the time to meal prep.” “I have a sweet tooth.” “I don’t know what to cook and fast food is so much easier.” When I decided to pick the fitness goal to compete in a bodybuilding competition, I was terrified because I felt the same way. I love food, I have no time, and I loooooove chocolate! (Really, I love anything sweet!) When I first started this process I will admit that the food was boring! I hated every second of it. I was eating fish and rice, fish and rice, and more fish and rice! It was terrible! (Unless you love fish and rice!) But then I met a few people at the gym who taught me that I don’t need to eat boring to eat clean. Spices are everything. Getting creative is everything! There are so many avenues out there for you to find fun, creative, and yummy recipes! I started switching up what I was eating, using spices and now… I love what I eat! And I continue to see progress in my body!

So the other problem: my sweet tooth. I loved the food I ate but found I was craving sweets! This can be quite miserable for someone who went from being completely okay with polishing off the brownie pan to now not being able to have any sweets without messing up progress and meals. I started to resent my food because I couldn’t have anything sweet. Fast forward and along came Deb and Marc San Fillipo who introduced me to one of the best creations I have ever come across: Clean Cheats Fitness Foods. Talk about DELICIOUS!! Peanut butter balls, cheese cakes, and lava cakes… And I can eat them, enjoy them, feel like I’m cheating on my meal plan, while still staying healthy!!

Deb was in the same shoes I was; had been on her fitness journey for years, progressing each year but not happy with her total progress. So a year ago she decided to enter and prepare for a fitness show… (Sound familiar?) She decided she wanted to transform through dedication and great effort and this motivated her whole family. However, with hitting the gym, and increasing their training in a number of levels, also came eating healthier which then brought on sacrifices. The sugar cravings began! So Deb started tweaking recipes, swapping out ingredients, and adding wholesome and protein based items into traditional items. Clean Cheats was born! There is nothing worse than someone on a strict diet, being carb/sugar deprived… (not human to say the least!) So Deb and Marc created these “cheats” with healthy ingredients, protein packed, and beneficial to the body! Marc says “it has been a savior for us to continue eating clean, staying true to our goals, and our healthy lifestyle.” I can account for this! I absolutely love their product and it has saved me many of times from becoming “hangry” (When you’re so hungry you become angry) I swap out all of the unhealthy treats for these clean cheats and couldn’t be happier! I love every bite and am satisfied upon completion! Deb says that the clean cheats have helped her in her journey or path to continuing to eat clean and in the process she has been able to help others do the same! So there you have it! Sweet tooth problem taken care of!!

        “I don’t have the time.” I hear this, a lot! I used to say this, as well! (Cue the life changing experience) Along came Jason DeLeo. Also a member at Gold’s Gym, Jason studied at the Culinary Institute of America. He owns his own catering business called “Food By DeLeo”. Along with catering, he MEAL PREPS FOR YOU! And let me say this: His food is absolutely delicious! Not only is it amazing, but it’s FILLING! Perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked, and perfectly proportioned! I was preparing to go on vacation a month ago and had absolutely no idea how I was going to find the TIME to meal prep for my vacation and I didn’t want to lose my progress. So, I asked Jason to prep for me. He not only cooked it, and packaged it, but also delivered it! His food was also all FRESH, which is hard to come by! On a week when I am crazy busy I will ask Jason to prep for me not only because it’s easy, but because it’s so good! Deb from Clean Cheats says “Jason DeLeo’s prepped meals can help anyone lose weight or gain if need be. They also taste wonderful which can really help a dieter stay on track!” I have referred his services to many members who say the same thing! To me, time is money. Taking the time to meal prep is time away from something else I could be doing to help my growth as a person. Not only that but grocery shopping is a hassle. Half the time I go to the store hungry and buy way too much food and wanting things I can’t have! Food by DeLeo is a way for me to avoid spending more money than I should have and buying things I shouldn’t be eating! So the time issue? Solved!

    I love food. I love sweets. And I have little time. Finding fun recipes for myself, eating Clean Cheats Fitness Foods, and when I’m low on time having Food by DeLeo provide my meals, has helped me stay on track for my goals and I continue to see more and more results every single day! You don’t need to be miserable during the process of achieving your goals! If you don’t believe me, come try out some of these products right at Gold’s Gym in Webster! And as Clean Cheats Fitness Foods philosophy goes: “Eat Happy - Be Human”


Samantha Sprague


The Start is What Stops Most People

    Imagine walking into your local grocery store and realizing they have rearranged EVERYTHING! You have no idea where anything is, and you’re not even sure where to start. And to top it all off you left your grocery list at home. Okay, now picture driving down the road and realizing you’re lost. You continuously ask your significant other to just stop and ask for directions but they INSIST “they’ve got this!” You end up taking all of these extra turns, driving around in circles, and in the long run you end up convincing them to stop and ask. Had they just simply stopped and asked you would have ended up at your destination much quicker. At times, fitness can be a lot like driving with no directions, or walking into a grocery store and not knowing where anything is or what you need.

    I remember the first time I ever stepped inside of a gym. I was terrified. You see all of these movies, and commercials, and they all make it look so simple. And how hard can it be, right? Well, I turned into an avid treadmill user. Why? Well honestly, because that was all I knew how to do. And I thought in order to hit my “fitness goals”; that’s all I needed to do. But in the same breath I had no idea what these fitness goals were because I didn’t even know where I was starting. I made up these goals based off of what I thought I should be at. I didn’t understand that it is different for everyone and there are so many different aspects to fitness goals. What is a healthy weight? What is body fat percentage? How does cardio vs. strength training differ and what are the benefits? So I would spend hours on this treadmill pushing towards these unrealistic goals. Guess what happened? I didn’t hit my goals. Not only that but, I got bored and I plateaued. I stopped going to the gym. How many can relate?

    Fast forward some years and I started working in the fitness industry. I started talking to people asking questions. I started weight training with friends. I felt like I had conquered the world and knew EVERYTHING there was to know about fitness! HA!! Boy was a wrong. I would walk into the gym and do the same routines over and over and over again. Not only that but I didn’t understand the importance of FORM! I still didn’t know what my goals were. I didn’t feel like I was seeing any change and maybe I wasn’t. But I would have never known because I wasn’t tracking it. So again, guess what happened? Plateau. Boredom. Discouragement.

    It wasn’t until I had a Fitness Assessment that I truly understood what my goals were and where I needed to start. Many people hear the words “Fitness Assessment” and immediately their guards go up. Their minds automatically go to “They are going to tell me how fat I am. I am going to find out how weak I am.” They attach all of these negative thoughts with these words. A Fitness Assessment is simply your guide to fitness success. It is the customer service desk at the grocery store when you have no idea where they moved the produce section to. A fitness assessment is the person at the gas station that you stopped at to give you directions. And it’s exactly that! It’s your directions. Your manual. Your own personal guide to achieving YOUR goals. What works for one person is not going to work for the next. You can ask your friend how she lost the 20lbs and do exactly what she says; does not mean it will work for you. These assessments are detailed and based all off of your body and your specific goals. It shows you where you should begin. You wouldn’t go to your doctor and ask them to just look at you and tell you why your stomach hurts so much. They have to ask questions, get to know what’s going on, run tests, and analyze you. It’s the same for your fitness journey.

    The start is what scares people the most. Where do they begin? How many times in your life have you wanted to do something, or try something but haven’t simply because you just don’t know how to go about it? Anytime someone walks into the gym this is a HUGE step. One of the most important. The next most important step? Your fitness assessment. Since getting my fitness assessment done I have seen significant results. I made all of these strides because I knew where I was starting and where I needed to go. I also learned the importance of balance. Balance cardio with strength training. I learned what classes were right for me and what equipment was going to work best for my goals. I truly believe had it not been for my assessment, I would not be where I am right now in my fitness journey. Do I still have more to chase after? Of course. But I know how much more I need to chase because I continuously follow up. I have assessments regularly to get an idea of the progress. The assessments help me to switch my routines up so I don’t get bored and I don’t plateau. I’ve even worked with a trainer to help me with my form which I had no idea was so horrible!

    So what this all comes down to is this: Don’t be afraid to stop and ask for directions. This is your own personal guide to success and we offer it at Gold’s Gym. Take an hour in the beginning of this crazy fitness journey to get your personal map to your goals. It helped me and I’ve been doing this whole fitness thing for a very long time!

- Samantha Sprague

Don’t Forget Your “Why”

I am sure you have all heard the saying, “Nobody said that it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.” And today I find that to be more, and more true. Not just the “worth it” part buthow it is not always easy. This especially holds true in the fitness industry, and achieving those fitness goals. I read a member from Gold’s Gym’s status on Facebook this morning and it read: “One of those days I had to go in my bag and remember my “why”…” I absolutely loved this and not only loved it but agreed completely!! I was having one of those days. I was having a very difficult time remembering my “why”. And it all started with a scale… A number.

Now, everyone has different goals. Different reasons why they are at the gym pushing themselves, sweating their butts off, and putting themselves through the physical difficulties that come with working out. Mine just so happens to be a Bodybuilding Competition this fall. I have been pushing towards this goal now for about 4 months. I had stayed completely away from the scale since I started. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying “don’t’ weight yourself” or that the scale is bad, but for me I have always hated “numbers”. This may come from not knowing much about it. Not knowing how body fat percentage works, or how it affects every other aspect of your body. Why had I only lost this much in that amount of time? People always talk about the physical difficulties of working out and trying to achieve that fitness goal but not many people discuss the emotional difficulties. No one talks about the “hard days”. It does not matter what your goal is or how you plan on chasing after it you are going to have hard days. And then you’ll have harder days!! And just when you thought it couldn’t get any harder… it does. This is why it is so very important to remember your “why”. 

It does not matter where you are in your fitness journey; you could have been doing this for years and years, or it could be the very first day you stepped into a gym, or went for a walk, run, or bike ride. We all have struggles and at some points we all have doubts. Why are we putting ourselves through this? Why have we not seen any changes? Why is this not happening more quickly? I have been in this industry now for over four years. I have been working out since high school! And even I have those doubts. It is so easy to get discouraged and so much more easy to forget that this is a PROCESS. One of my favorite body builders, Dana Linn Bailey, always says “Respect the Process”. Fitness takes time. It is a journey. I’ve been told multiple times by someone very close to me to enjoy this journey! Have fun! It is easy to get wrapped up in numbers; this is why I tell people not to worry so much about the scale but to go based off of how they FEEL! The number is a side note.

So back to Golds Gym’s member. You are going to have days where you will need to reach into your bag and find your “why”. And it doesn’t matter what that “why” is. It could be a body building competition, it could be to get back down to your pre-baby weight, or maybe it’s to gain weight. It could be something as simple and wonderful as just feeling better, being healthy, being around longer for your kids, grandkids, and being that role model to others. I started this journey for myself. To prove to MYSELF that I could do this and to show other people that they can to. Is it hard work? Oh heck yes! Do even I have hard, harder, and the hardest days ever? Yes! And there are some days I want to quit. And on those days I will reach into my bag and search for those “whys”. Don’t forget why you started. Use those difficult days as fuel for the fire and go out and crush those dreams. I read a quote today that said, “The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.” Keep chasing your dreams. Respect the process. Enjoy the journey. And don’t forget the “WHY” of why YOU started. Because the saying also goes, “Nobody said it would be easy, but nothing in life worth having ever is”; and when you do reach that goal; you will have one heck of a story to tell.